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Harun ar Rashid Tutul
Harun Ar Rashid Tutul
Harun ar Rashid Tutul
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Harun ar Rashid Tutul
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Harun ar Rashid Tutul
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Md.Harun ar Rashid

Assistant Professor
Department of Graphic Design, Faculty of Fine Art
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I am a visual artist, I am excited to create something new by searching form unknown destination. Diverse art world and its journey fascinated me. As spontaneous changing of art field, I Inspired from the various experiment and innovative presentation of contemporary artists, I Like contemporary art, I love to do Painting, Performance, Video Installation, New media etc. My educational back is graphic design, I am doing teaching profession in the same sector (applied art), I love to do fine art, the experiences of graphic design might be influenced my art language. Before university study I used to do the theater, the dramatic representation and storytelling character of my work might be influenced from the theater.

My all in all desire is a peaceful & beautiful world, The present socio & political issues from my society and over all the world affected my consciousness, When I was overwhelmed, I worked on that matter, I am excited at work, I collected documents from Daily News Paper, Internet & TV Channel etc. When I involve in work, I emphasize the massage I want to deliver, then my own style and of course for audience it has be to look Interesting. I believe that as a media art can stand against Inhumanity & Brutality.

Video Installation

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In Memory of Aylan Kurdi

Years: 2017

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The Restless wave of time

Years: 2016

Performence Art

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The wall story

Years: 2012

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Impression of Tyre

Years : 2011

City of boxes on a Horse curt

Years : 2009

Art Initiatives

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Curatorial Project 2024

Art Festival 2020, Nilphamari

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Art Festival 2019, Gazipur

Disability & Disaster

Years : 2018

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Art Festival Joypurhat


Year : 2016


Years : 2011


Harun Ar Rashid Tutul

+88 01715 752 759


Studio : Art Bangla, House: 7/9, Road: 10, Block: A, Lalmatia, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh

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